A new frog in a new kettle

In December I quit the best and longest job I've had (so far). And I haven't even regretted it :)

So why did I leave Sysart and its inspiring peer community?

New influences. For me, for Sysart, my clients and for my new employer, Nokia.

Periodical reshuffling of teams keeps influences streaming efficiently. People will learn different things when working on different problems and in different projects. On the other hand, projects will benefit from the different views and fields of expertise each new member brings.

I would have had more to give to the previous project, and I would have learned in it. But I have even more to give to my current project, and it has already treated me with new kinds of juicy problems to learn from. And most probably my replacement in the previous project has improved things to new directions I would have been blind to.

It is said that frogs can be boiled to death because they don't detect the slow increase of temperature. But a team of frogs can save itself if it invites a fresh member in the water from time to time.

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