Another sourceforge to github migration

Today I noticed that building the iwant tutorial was broken because the sourceforge download link of my descript tool was broken.

So, I moved descript to github. Earlier I had done this to iwant itself. Sourceforge downloads are a bit unreliable, and the worst is that sometimes they don't even fail properly: the download succeeds, but the downloaded file is just an HTML file with an error message.

I think I'll gradually move all my live projects to github. I'm grateful to sourceforge for all the years together, but the pragmatic fact is that it's time to move on.

The actual migration from subversion to git was super easy. This is what I did with descript, for example:

I created the project but left the repository empty, by choosing not to add a license or a readme. Then I migrated and pushed the sourceforge subversion repository — the latter part as instructed by the github project creation wizard:

~ $ cat users.txt
wipu_ = Ville Oikarinen <>
~ $ git svn clone --authors-file=users.txt
~ $ cd trunk
~/trunk $ git remote add origin
~/trunk $ git push -u origin master

Published on 2018-04-03