Blueberry bonus

This was a good year for blueberries. The best spot, the biggest loot and the strongest symptoms of mania ever 8D

I didn't always enjoy berry picking like this. It took a lot of unlearning. My generation doesn't have to pick berries.

Every spring when we eat the last berries from the previous summer, I promise myself it's really OK if I don't pick new ones. Knowing I will pick them. And every time I go to the forest I renew this promise. That every single berry is just a nice bonus, a side-effect of enjoying the nature. Knowing I will go mad when I see more blue than green.

In my own programming projects, after each session I try to leave some well-defined little task for the next session. Promising myself it's really OK if that's all I get done. The task is often so trivial that it's amusing to wake the computer for something like that. And I complete the task, and a lot more. Starting is the hard part.

It's tempting to start requiring the things I know I will do anyway. But that would spoil the fun and I'd start buying blueberries and feel guilty.

Originally published on 2009-08-20 at under category General