Learning by overdoing

Information Technology, the traditional view: automated, fast, repeatable, scalable, universal. Interconnected concepts and derivation of new ones.

Information Technology, the agile view: simple, concrete, immediate, temporary, specific.

paper and pencil, story rewrites.
a squaking rubber toy, speech rights
yellow stickies, group to plan
storypoint totals, computed by man

After years of over-engineering, rigid analysis and technological overoptimism, this new lowtech movement is a refreshing antithesis that helps us concentrate on the essential. It's not about technology, it's about getting things done.

Still, haven't we already learnt the lesson? Could we move on and apply it to our actual profession?

We are selling automation so it's best we get back into using it ourselves. If low tech solutions really work better, haven't we failed as creators of helpful technology?

If we delay the adoption of scalable solutions, are we ready when the time comes they are really needed?

I admit I am a repeatability and automation geek. I hate having to remember things. I feel uncomfortable when I do something I know I cannot repeat. Still, I believe that by consistently trying to use scalable tools before falling back to mouse-clicking and paper-tossing, I increase or at least maintain my skills so I'm at my full capacity whenever they are needed.

I'm suffering some constant inconvenience in hope to minimize inconvenience with requirements worse than O(1). And the constant is decreasing all the time :)

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