Post-vacation cleanup

This week we finally got sprints running again, now that the whole team has returned and recovered from the vacation.

It is said that it takes weeks to forget work on vacation. I'm pretty good at forgetting (a computer and programming celibacy helps), but it takes weeks to become productive again after the vacation. On the first day at work even typing requires my full attention.

But this is a wonderful opportunity to unlearn deprecated or even plain wrong patterns of mind and replace them with new, fresh ones.

This year I found a good way to relearn programming and be productive at the same time: I refactored. I was in no shape to write new behaviour (being alone and still half caveman), but there are always suitable tasks on the developer backlog for every skill level.

I started from the bottom..., with simple refactorings, and gradually advanced ...up into sketching a new framework. I was cured all right...

Originally published on 2009-08-27 at under category General